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e-nForce® is Collectronics’® automated online covenant enforcement tracking and practice management system for community association attorneys and managers. Some of its practical time-saving and value adding features include real-time customizable status reports of pending covenant violations, tracking of important deadlines and events, email reminders of important deadlines, automatic preparation of covenant enforcement violation notices, pleadings and other documents, tracking of fines, late fees, attorney’s fees and costs, and online storage of documents of any file type, all of which features are accessible 24/7 via the Internet. All of these features allow your law firm or management company to better manage and more timely communicate information regarding covenant and rules violations. Through the use of unique usernames and passwords, your company can tailor each user’s access to use of specific features of the system. By customizing the look and feel of the application, your company can seamlessly integrate its branding and identification with CollectMinder® and ProjectMinder®. e-nForce is fully integrated with CollectMinder, Collectronics' online assessment collection software tracking system, and ProjectMinder, Collectronics' online project or case management system.

With e-nForce and our suite of online applications under the CollectCloud® umbrella, The Sky's the Limit© to what you can achieve for your community associations.

e-nForce features include:
•   24/7 real-time online status reports
•   Automatic document generation (including email templates, Word documents and PDF forms)
•   Automatic tracking and calendaring of important time periods and events
•   Customized workflows
•   Fines, Late Fees, Attorney’s fees and costs tracking, billing and invoicing
•   Integration with 3rd party Billing, Timekeeping and Accounting Application
•   Integrated postage label generation and real-time tracking of delivery status
•   Multi-tiered, relational document management
•   Payment plan set-up and tracking
•   Secure, web-based application compatible with all desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms
•   Real-time data replication and redundant back-ups of all data and servers
•   Onsite training and unlimited online training and much more...