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Collectronics® is pleased to present CollectMail®, its electronic mail tracking enhancement, to its suite of online applications. CollectMail eliminates the time consuming task of manually generating envelopes and tracking the delivery status of your mail. With CollectMail, each shipping label, including First Class, Certified, and Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested, is automatically generated in the application and assigned a tracking number through the U.S. Postal Service. With a simple click of a button, an envelope is generated with the law firm’s return address, the recipient’s address, correct postage and the USPS tracking number printed directly on the envelope.

Gone are the days of filling-out green cards and searching through your mail to find the delivery status of that important letter. CollectMail provides a complete and real-time audit trail of each piece of mail sent through any one of our suite of online applications. CollectMail maintains a record of each letter you send, the name of the recipient, the method of delivery (First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt Requested), the USPS tracking number, and the real-time delivery status. The best news is that you will save money on each return receipt you request to be returned to you electronically (as opposed to a paper receipt). With CollectMail and our suite of online applications under the CollectCloud® umbrella, The Sky’s the Limit© to what you can achieve with your law practice.

If you are interested in adding the CollectMail feature to your system, please contact the Collectronics’ Production Support team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

• 24/7 real-time access
• Automatic tracking of mail delivery status
• Seamless integration with CollectMinder®
• Centralized, paperless audit trail (no green cards)
• Automatic label generators for First Class, Certified and Certified Return Receipt Requested
• Cost efficient return receipt method