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Expand your existing IT capabilities through CollectCloud®, Collectronics’® suite of applications available via the Internet. If you are seeking to improve your law firm’s productivity without investing in costly new infrastructure, then our suite of online applications is your solution. As an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Collectronics delivers its suite of online applications through your internet browser. This means you avoid the need for upfront investment in servers and other IT infrastructure costs associated with traditional software applications. Additionally, updates to our applications are made seamlessly, without the need to install updates directly onto your desktop or network server. For those seeking an alternative to paper files, the CollectCloud solution provides online storage of all your case files for easy access and retrieval from wherever you have internet access.

Collectronics is committed to ensuring the security of your data and accessibility to our applications from the Internet at all times. We utilize best practices to maintain the highest level of availability and quality control on all of our clients’ applications. You can rest assured we have taken every precaution to protect your data. We back up your data in real-time to secure data facilities in two geographically diverse locations. Collectronics has been implementing secure cloud technology for its clients for over 10 years, and is constantly keeping up with the bleeding edge of cloud technology and virtualization. We were in the cloud before the cloud was cool! All of this, combined with unparalleled customer support, provides our clients with the tools necessary to efficiently and securely manage their collections practice.

The CollectCloud® suite of online applications includes:

CollectMinder®Assessment Collection Software for Community Association Law Firms

ProjectMinder®Project and Case Management Software for Community Association Law Firms

e-nForce®Covenant Enforcement and Rules Violation Management Application

CollectMail®Integrated Mail Solution for Label Generation and Postage Tracking

CollectCloud is designed to manage every aspect of your law firm's Condo & HOA practice, including the ability to process thousands of delinquent accounts at every stage of the collection process, manage and track projects and general litigation matters, closely monitor and enforce covenant and rules violations and automate your firm's mailing process.

With CollectCloud, instantly provide your clients and managers the status of active matters and process accounts proactively to expedite the ultimate goals of clients. CollectCloud improves your productivity because it saves you time in every aspect of your firm's legal process.  CollectCloud allows you to manage more accounts more easily, with fewer errors, and without the need to commit additional resources.

When your firm switches to CollectCloud, you not only get Collectronics' proprietary suite of online applications, but your firm joins an elite network of legal experts and business professionals who represent the industry leaders of community association law.  Contact Us to see how we can exceed your business goals and grow your practice.  With CollectCloud, The Sky's the Limit© to what you can achieve with your community association practice!