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“For many, many years now, I have been looking for a way to do several things with my New Jersey and New York community association practice: (1) automate portions of my collection practice; (2) increase and improve communication and integration with my clients; (3) raise the sophistication level of my practice; and (4) improve the productivity of my staff and collection-related personnel. Through Collectronics and Lance and Lauren Williams, I found that. Together they developed an internet-based, secure, system used by my practice, staff, managers and board members. The availability of a way for my clients to secure up-to-the minute status reports, communicate with us, learn about the latest developments in the collection practice and access key documents and accounting information, all via the internet, has excited my clients and management company contacts. My practice is managing more collection files, without having to add more staff. Collectronics and its staff have been accessible to plan and troubleshoot at a moment's notice. I am very excited about the future of my practice and its connection with Collectronics. On a personal note, Lauren and Lance Williams have devoted their personal time to make sure my system is explained to clients, is fully functional and tailored to address the ever-changing needs of my staff, practice and clients. Collectronics has never failed to live up to a promise made; and Lauren and Lance Williams have met each and every personal assurance.”

David J. Byrne, Esq., Partner



"Our firm had been using Collectronics’ collections software for less than six (6) months, and it had already significantly improved our efficiency and organization. Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross was formed by the merger of several separate practices, none of which had reliable collections software. Collectronics has allowed us to quickly create a standard protocol for our entire collections practice and has helped us reach new levels of business and productivity we never thought possible in such a short amount of time.

The best feature of Collectronics’ software, in our opinion, is the accountability it creates internally and externally. From within the firm, we can track the performance of each paralegal and quickly pinpoint any accounts or associations that need attention. The stress of a large practice is substantially reduced with this software. Collectronics also helped us integrate the collections software with our billing software, ensuring that attorney time is properly charged to the account and billed to the client. Externally, our clients love the ability to track our progress and review the status of their collections accounts whenever they wish. Collectronics has certainly helped us "seal the deal" on several new client presentations.

Finally, the customer service provided by the Production Support and Development teams is outstanding. They are accessible and helpful whenever we have a question or need to make an adjustment in our programmed workflows. This is a dynamic and quickly-changing practice area, and we believe it is important to have a partner like Collectronics to be competitive. Lance and Lauren Williams care about their clients, and it shows in the daily operations. We recommend Collectronics to any firm that is serious about association collections and wants an edge on the competition."


Co-Managing Partner



“Collectronics has enabled Vial Fotheringham to streamline our collection process across Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho Arizona and Colorado in a way that has enabled us to grow leaps and bounds over the past three years. It has provided us with a system to instruct our paralegals on daily tasks, streamline our workflow process, provide our clients with up to the minute details on each account and most importantly it has enabled us to collect millions of dollars for our Association’s each year. In addition, our Associations have been so happy with the work product we are able to produce and the money we are able to collect that we have over five times as many accounts as we did three years ago. Additionally, Lance and Lauren and the rest of the Collectronics Support Team worked endless hours with our firm to produce the exact product we wanted and are there every step of the way when we want to implement a new idea.”


Sarah Lappin, Esq.,



“David and I are very grateful to you, Lance and your entire team. You saved the sanity of our very special paralegals. Without Collectronics, our paralegals would not have been able to manage the very significant caseloads that we ask them to handle. You have allowed us to serve our clients well, produce results and at the same time give us the tools necessary to keep our clients advised of our progress on their behalf.

We love the software and we love how you give us attention, listen to our suggestions and implement our ideas. You are so very responsive to our every request.

It is hard to believe how far we came in just 15 months. The MercerTrigiani assessment collection practice would not be on solid footing if it were not for you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


Lucia “Pia” Anna Trigiani, Esq., Principal



“Collectronics implemented our system, ACE© (Assessment Collection Enforcement) in 2007, and the program has greatly increased not only the firm‘s efficiency and productivity, but also our clients’ regard for our work and reputation. I have been most impressed with the professionalism and cooperative attitude of both Lance and Lauren Williams, who not only provided technical support to the software but also encouraged us in our implementation and marketing efforts as well. Collectronics has been easily accessible, thorough, pleasant, and a real boon to our association collection practice.”


Amy Schott Ferguson, Esq.,



“Collectronics has helped Porter McGuire Kiakona & Chow streamline our entire collections process. By working with Lance, Lauren, and the entire staff, we were able to create an initial system, and use it to dramatically increase the productivity and decrease the learning curve for our newer paralegals. All paralegals use the system to their advantage and we have been able to get staff up to speed much faster and track our collections in a way that we never could before. Collectronics continues to work with us through the changes in the law and in updating all the necessary information. We have seen an increased competitive advantage by virtue of our ability to service the clients and track our collections efforts.

We have been with Collectronics for over 5 years and continue to see improvements in productivity. They have been more than willing to share their insight into the collections practice and help us solve the problems that invariably arise. We have no hesitation in recommending Collectronics to any firm looking for assistance in their Association Collections practice.”


Kapono F. H. Kiakona, Esq.,





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