Real-Time Solutions

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Customized Solutions
to Meet Your Specific Business Needs

Offered Exclusively to Law Firms
Practicing Community Association Law

Who We Are
Collectronics is an experienced group of professionals, including attorneys, software developers, software engineers, programmers and marketing professionals dedicated to automating your business processes and procedures to maximize your law firm's profitability.  Our online applications, CollectMinder®, ProjectMinder® and e-nForce®, are designed so we can tailor each application to fit your specific business and legal processes into a user-friendly system accessible anywhere in the United States.  Our extensive experience in the Community Association Legal Industry gives us a unique and high-level understanding of the business and legal challenges facing law firms who practice Community Association Law. Our consultants have all worked in the field of Community Association Law and will take the time to understand your legal and business processes to create a fully-automated application designed to improve your firm's bottom line.

Who We Are Not
Collectronics is not a provider of “out-of-the-box” software solutions in an attempt to fit our clients’ business needs. Each system we deliver to a client is unique based upon the specific business and legal requirements of the client together with input from our team of consultants and developers and the collective mind share of our clients across the country.  Collectronics is not a provider of static applications.  Our applications are constantly evolving to meet our clients’ demands, expectations and legal requirements.  Collectronics is not just a software developer—it is a business partner and consultant to our clients who are among the leading law firms in the Community Association Legal Industry.   We are very proud of our clients; for a list of references, just ask. 

What We Offer
For Community Association Law Firms, we offer our integrated suite of applications CollectMinder®, ProjectMinder® and e-nForce®.  Our web-based applications allow you, your Boards and Property Managers to access your firm's virtual files from anywhere an internet connection is available. More importantly, we offer our experience in the Community Association Legal Industry and a commitment to helping our clients streamline and improve their business and legal processes to maximize their profitability.  We also provide professional consulting services, including audits of our clients’ technology environment, to help our clients utilize technology resources to their fullest extent. We offer real solutions in real time to launch your assessment collection practice into the black!


Collectronics hosts its applications in a secure data facility with real-time back-up of all client data, both on-site and in a completely geographically separate data facility. We offer email, online chat, and telephone support during normal business hours and free virtual training to our clients, our clients' clients, and our clients' managers.  We also assist our clients with marketing, including both content and graphics.  Our marketing team is always happy to assist your law firm in providing live virtual demonstrations to your clients and prospects.

Request and participate in a live virtual demonstration today, and receive a sneak-preview of what Collectronics can provide for your business.

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